One of the most important jobs of the Montessori teacher is to set up the environment in a way to serve the child needs to build self confidence and grow freely (free choice and individual learning). The teacher prepares the environment in a way to fit the child’s needs to grow independently and inspire him to choose freely to build his self-esteem. No one will know the child’s needs more than the child himself that is why we see the child learn his activities through repetition; he will repeat the activity as long as he needs. The teacher presents the activity to the child and the child will work on his needs to master the activity, keeping the teacher as a directress. Based on the philosophy the classroom is divided into 7 major areas - Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Math, Science, Art, Geography and Culture.

All the materials are designed to encourage and enable a child to work independently and successfully. It is this independent and self-corrective approach that helps the child absorb and master the skills. This aspect of auto-education builds problem-solving skills.